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IBM Announced Its 5nm Chips Made On their New And Better GAAFET Design


Nowadays every chip manufacturer is working hard on shrinking the footprint of their die. While IBM is also not behind when it comes to offering the best solution. The company has just announced their new chip. Which is made in collaboration with Samsung and GlobalFoundaries (a company who also manufactures chips for both AMD and Qualcomm).

In terms of technological advancement in chips, IBM does appear to be in lead now. Where IBM just announced their new chip designed made on a new 5nm manufacturing process. Compared to other companies like Samsung who is planning to unveil their upcoming chip made on a 7nm manufacturing process. But what IBM has achieved in such a small time frame sure is a breakthrough in chip design.

The new 5nm chips from IBM uses a new GAAFET (gate-all-around) transistor. Instead of the much used FinFET vertical fin design. IBM also shared that the company had to come up with a new design in order to achieve the new 5nm breakthrough. Where the current FinFET design can also achieve the same 5nm manufacturing achievement in the future. But due to the limit of the current flow of the current FinFET design, it wasn’t possible. In simple terms the new GAAFET design is much simpler than the current FinFET design. Where chips designed on GAAFET can get as low as 3nm in the future.

In terms of performance the new 5nm manufactured chip from IBM will offer up to 40 percent improvement in performance. Compared to what the current 10nm chip is offering including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Aside from that the new 5nm chips will also consume less power and will be saving up on around 75 percent power. Something that is much needed for smartphones nowadays. As it will drastically increase the battery life of the upcoming smartphones.


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