IBM want to make machine learning traditional mainframe customers, there is a large data storage hidden in company’s firewall which is known as the private cloud system. It is large computing machine of old time and still working in hospitals, banks, airports, airlines and insurance and several other large retailers. IBM claims that the IBM Z system is able to store 2.5 billion transactions per day.

6 thinkstockphotos85209204 IBM adds machine learning to mainframe  the machine stores 2.5 billion transactions per day

IBM said that on Wednesday, they are intended to bring IBM machine learning to mainstream. The platform of ingesting and storage of data available on Z System via Z/OS.

The IBM machine processes 2.5 billion transactions per day:

IBM said that the machine stores a lot of data of different types including financial, retailer, insurance and government firms. So it makes sense for making the machine a regularly used device. The IBM machine learning platform will first available in z/OS but also intended to upgrade to power system to other platforms.

20150114afmimb sysz 0031 IBM adds machine learning to mainframe  the machine stores 2.5 billion transactions per day
New York City – Ross Mauri, manager IBM mainframe systems, poses with new System Z machine on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. (PHOTO: Augusto F. Menezes/Feature Photo Service)

IBM machine supports any programming language:

IBM Machine Learning support any type of programming language almost all the programming language like TensorFlow and Apache SparkML. The machine also uses science automation developed by IBM research. Rob Thomas, general manager for IBM Analytics, and a bevy of other executives launched the Big Blue planes of the event. The first customer includes travelers and the American Credit Union.


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