Things to become more difficult for Intel as a lesser known Chinese manufacturer ‘Hygon’ has just announced that they are starting the production of Chinese-designed “Dhyana” x86-based processors.

epycfail 800x514 Chinese manufacturer Hygon to launch AMD architecture based X86 processors – The processors might only be confined to China only!

The CPU is said to be based on AMD’s Zen CPU microarchitecture. All this elevated after an x86 IP licensing deal was struck between AMD and its Chinese partners. The unique thing, in this case, is that AMD has is selling final chip designs to Chinese based companies as opposed to the convention. This is happening due to the said IP licensing deal that allows them to sell their own processors made specifically for the server market in China.

Similarities with AMD Processors

Speaking of how similar they are to AMD processors, you can call the Dhyana CPUs an exact copy of AMD EPYC server processors. The only visible difference between the two is that the CPUs have unique vendor IDs and family series numbers.

This is happening after a deal – which has profited AMD, a handsome amount of $293 million – between the Chinese company and AMD was closed. Speaking of the legal difficulties, these new CPUs won’t make it to the US, as the deal between AMD and its Chinese counterparts says that the processors made with the Zen CPU architecture must be “specifically tailored to the needs of the Chinese server market”, and can only be sold in the country.

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