Among the other system information utilities that we have currently, HWINFO is among the most trusted ones and the good news is that it will now be recognizing the upcoming Pinnacle Ridge chipset for 400-series motherboards. Though these motherboards are still being anticipated to be launched somewhere in April, we might witness a pre-launch event in March.

AMD Matisse Picasso 1000x422 HWINFO updated with AMD Pinnacle Ridge chipset and Intel Ice Lake SP

For those who aren’t aware of the 400-series chipsets, these are actually an excellent platform for the guys who are planning to buy the Zen+ processors. But if you have already got an AM4 motherboard, there is no need to waste the money on the chipset, you’re good to go!

ice lake HWINFO updated with AMD Pinnacle Ridge chipset and Intel Ice Lake SP

In addition to the 400-series chipsets, Intel is planning to roll out its next-gen server CPU codenamed as Ice Lake-SP. If you remember Intel’s older roadmaps, Cascade Lake-X was also an enthusiast level processor that was planned to be rolled out in Q4 2018. So we are expecting both the processors to roll out side by side!

Changes in HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 v5.72

Added recognition of AMD 400-series chipset.
  • Improved recognition of Bay Trail steppings.
  • Enhanced reporting of turbo ratio limits with fused and resolved values (BDX, SKX).
  • Added option to disable access to Corsair and some Asetek-based coolers.
  • Added recognition of some future AMD Vega and Navi GPUs.
  • Added NVIDIA Quadro V100.
  • Added reporting of GPU VRAM module model for some AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed enumeration of RAID drives on AMD promontory chipsets.
  • Fixed disk activity sensor names on some RAID systems.
Enhanced preliminary support of Ice Lake-SP (ICX).
  • Fixed reporting of Total Memory Encryption feature status in summary.
  • Added reporting of active memory channels on AMD Zen.
  • Enhanced monitoring of Intel GPU video decode usage.
  • Fixed flickering of RTSS OSD in some applications with high framerates.
  • Added monitoring of Corsair H80i Pro, H100i Pro, H115i Pro and H150i Pro.
  • Improved enumeration of network adapters.
Brave Woman jumps in front of car to save the boy
Enhanced support for AMD Starship, Matisse and Radeon RX Vega M.
  • Enhanced monitoring of new Intel Compute Card models.
  • Unified HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 packages (universal installer, combined portable).

If you are confused with the term ‘Mattise’, it is actually the codename for desktop Zen2 architecture.