Huawei MAte 9 640x381 Hurry up!!! Huawei Mate 9 is out for sale and grab the all new smartphone from Three UK, Huaweis biggest and smartest phone yet

The all new smartphone of Huawei till date, Mate9,is now available for sale in UK under the umbrella of Three. Mate9 is available in space gray color with 64GB of internal memory,on contract basis with price starting from £31 per month with a £99 of Initial payment.

You can also get the Mate9 on Three’s another plan of £56 per month with a £29 initial payment, this package includes a 30GB  data allowance. Like old times the company offers a range of plans at the 1,2,4,8,12,and 30 GB.

And also you can have the Mate9 without any contract with Three, the company is selling it on PAYG for £549.99 in case you buy £10 of prepaid credit. And the phone which you directly buy from Three is genuinely SIM-unlocked.

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