According a report Hulu decided to go head to head with youtube and other streaming sites. More than 30 worker are voluntarily working on Hulu’s new project that is a live TV service. The service launched a day before with millions of US users. The company signed a deal with volunteer a non- disclosure agreement according to which they will get paid for it.

HULU Live TV channel lineup Hulu Will Now Go Head to Head With YouTube; Launches Its Own Live TV Service

Hulu is no more showing TV shows replays on the next day of the show because it has launch its own live TV service. Yesterday Hulu revealed the launch of its subscription base live tv service in which you can a Hulu service with more than 3000 Tv and films titles and in addition to that you could be able to live more than 50 TV channels. From to Slash Gear report, Hulu says that the;

“only pay-TV service to offer live and on demand channels, original series and films, and a library of premium streaming TV shows and movies, all in one place.”

myteams Hulu Will Now Go Head to Head With YouTube; Launches Its Own Live TV Service

You even don’t need any cable box for live TV as the Hulu’s live TV service is available on iOS, android, chrome cast and Xbox after the launching of the live service. Hulu is keen to convert TV as an app that should fix in every smart devices. According to The VERGE reports:

“Sometimes what can occur is we’re asking them to talk aloud and just give this running commentary, and sometimes people get quiet,” Jill Strawbridge, who leads Hulu’s UX research, says. “But from our perspective, where they get quiet is quite telling because it generally means they’re having to devote more attention to something.”

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