Hugo Barra is Brazilian computer expert , he served in number of project roles. Barra spent three and half year in China in Xiaomi a smartphone maker. Finally Hugo is returning back to Silicon Valley to head Facebook VR efforts. Barra has extensive experience in Google and Android product management. Barra was a finest CEO Xiaomi ever had.

hugo 001 Hugo Barra Resigns from Xiaomi Global VP and returns Silicon Valley to join Facebook VR and Oculus

Barra’s tanur at Xiaomi:

In vice president-ship in Xiaomi he boosted it’s sale in India.At the same time Xiaomi company worked competitive ground from it’s home ground like Vivo and Oppo these worked more efficiently in retail of their products. In short he did a lot to build up Xiaomi.

Hugo Barra will return to Silicon Valley:

He said it has three and half since he is working outside from his home away now it is the time to return back. He is back to start a new adventure.He is back to join Facebook virtual reality project and will work on Oculus.

Barra says,”This journey with Xiaomi has been nothing short of wonderful in every way, and I can loftily say that Xiaomi Global is the first baby I helped bring into the world.”

In the past three years Xiaomi was on it’s impressive journey and he is hopeful for future. Xiaomi is enough strong now to work on it’s own infrastructure.

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Xiaomi’s future strategy:

The very first step Xiaomi took aftrer the Barra left. It replaced  Xiang Wang in vice president position.He is already acting vice president at Xiaomi while now the position has been accelerated to international arena to achieve international goals of the company. However it is working good globally but it declining in it’s home country.Main reason home land sale downfall is highly competitive market there are number of other producer who are giving almost identical product in the terms of efficiency.

Xiaomi Smart Scale 1 e1427800677962 Hugo Barra Resigns from Xiaomi Global VP and returns Silicon Valley to join Facebook VR and Oculus
Xiang Wang

While in the home land it is difficult to come at front at once for the company.But on global level it may be successful.Xiang Wang is enough equiped with organizational policies and has international exposure and friends in the form of Hugo.Let see whether he is able to bring this product to global market or not.