It was in the year 1990 when the legendary Hubble Space Telescope launch made headlines and the entire world admired the news. However, the mission staff encountered a problem right from the word go; the billion-dollar telescope had a blurry vision, due to a slip-up during construction phase; leaving Hubble’s mirror flawed. A ‘repair mission’ was thus required. After 20 long years; Hubble may have another Repair Mission; with astronauts travelling to Space Aboard Dream Chaser.

Hubble Hubble Will Have Another Repair Mission Soon; With Astronauts Travelling To Space Aboard Dream Chaser

Both NASA’s expectations from the observatory and their reputation encountered some criticism following a major defect; observed by mission engineers and removed by a 7-member team of astronauts. The moment mission managers aboard the $2.5 billion telescope turned it on they were disappointed and quite worried too.

The engineers observed that Hubble’s sight needed immediate attention, due to the flawed main mirror; resulting in unexpectedly poor and blur vision and for the purpose of tackling the serious issue, the above mentioned team comprising of seven astronauts was sent on the mission in 1993.

Facing quite an embarrassing blow, NASA wanted its astronauts to complete the assigned task at earliest i.e. repairing Hubble mirror and restoring the observatory’s sight.

The billion-dollar mission aimed on taking rich, dazzling and vibrant images of floating nebulas and galaxies but due to the problem mentioned above; the observatory beamed back low-quality views, looking out-of-focus and kind of fizzy visuals.

Responding to the agency’s call, the astronauts started their maintenance sweep and finally managed to remove the defect and added kind of ‘eyeglasses’ instrument to regain the desired lens aberration. The successful mission was followed by another four similar space trips during which, new cameras were added while older batteries were replaced with new ones. Repair work sessions on gyroscopes were also carried out.

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Reportedly, the government intends to send a fresh maintenance sweep very soon for which the talks are underway though but no deadline given yet. It is learned further that to assign Hubble some further life, NASA is in talks with a private space firm called ‘Sierra Nevada.” This firm is said to have a vehicle called ‘Dream Chaser’ which NASA believe is capable of taking space engineers on Hubble; to conduct a refurbishment mission.

The vehicle is ‘unmanned’ one while for the proposed resupply Space Station missions, a manned flight would be required. However, since there’s still ample time left for the Dream Chaser’s space trip, lot of required modifications in both design of vehicle and testing sessions would be completed, suggest reports.

Let’s see finally when the mission leaves with astronauts again travelling to Space Aboard Dream Chaser.