As with every passing year we expect our phones to do much more than they used. Reason why companies like Huawei are investing to find new ways to makes our devices better, faster and smarter. Though this kind of treatment for now is only being given to premium devices like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. That comes equipped with the Kirin 970 SOC featuring its own Neural Engine.

Kirin Huawei Will Make Smarter Less Expensive Devices Possible With Its New Chip

In order to achieve this goal Huawei is trying to cut cost where it can. This will be done through its new chip known as the Kirin 670 based on a 12nm FinFET node. Not a lot is known about this chip, but the Chinese Manufacturer is expected to announce it soon. The Kirin 670 from Huawei will be replacing its current capable mid-ranged chip known as the Kirin 659. That will probably be on the upcoming Huawei P20 Lite. Though it’s still not as good of a performer compared to what Qualcomm has to offer. As the Snapdragon 600 series from Qualcomm still performs better.

Aside from that Qualcomm also recently announced its Snapdragon 700 series. That aside from a few features will have the same performance of the Snapdragon 800 series. This will lead to affordable phones that are equal in performance to flagship devices. Though with the Kirin 670, Huawei is aiming high as the chip also comes equipped with its own Neural Processing Engine. Similar to what we saw on the current Kirin 970 SOC.

kirin 970 2 770x432 Huawei Will Make Smarter Less Expensive Devices Possible With Its New Chip

Specifications of the upcoming Kirin 670 SOC were also leaked. The chip will feature four Cortex A53 and two Cortex A72 cores that will be coupled with Mali G72 GPU. Its not known yet whether this new addition from Huawei will beat the Snapdragon 600 series. But it surely will perform better than the current Kirin 659 chip, while also including AI for future affordable devices.

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