Huawei announced to release P20 and P20 Plus smartphone in this year. According to the news and rumors, Chinese smartphone manufacturer is going to officially launch in at an event held in Paris. This event will held on March 2018. The smartphone manufacturer invites press, reporters, analysts aiming to show its first triple lens camera. If it’s true, then Huawei P20 will be the first smartphone coming with a triple lens camera.

Huawei P20 March 27 invite Huawei will launch P20 & P20 Plus features with triple lens camera at an upcoming event in March

Most of the smartphone enabled with dual lens cameras for better results. Huawei is going to something new by introducing a triple lens smartphone in this year. Huawei invites with a tag line ‘See mooore with AI’. That seems the company is giving a hidden message to see all the new camera upgrades. The three ‘O’s in ‘mooore’ shows there will be three cameras of smartphone. So we can say that all the rumors about P20 and P20 is going to be true the smartphone is featured with three cameras. According to the report,

The company will unveil three devices at the event: the P20, the P20 Lite, and the P20 Plus. It is not known yet if the triple-camera system will be on all the three devices. It is also not clear what the third camera will be used for. Usually, dual-camera systems have either a black and white and a color lens, or a telephoto lens and a standard lens.

Moreover, from rumors and leaked ads in P20 series hints that these triple lens cameras are able to 40MP shoots with 5x optical zoom. That seems the company will take advantage of unique features of triple lens that make differentiate P20 series of other smartphones in the market. Although the company has average quality of camera’s but with the three cameras its difficult to manage the quality.

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Huawei P20 series 800x500 c Huawei will launch P20 & P20 Plus features with triple lens camera at an upcoming event in March

While on the other hand, some major brands such as Google with its Pixel 2 and Apple with iPhone 8 managing a single camera but better in quality. What do you think about the Huawei triple lens camera will good enough to beat other major competitors? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!