At long last, Huawei has revealed its eagerly awaited brilliant fitness tracker. It accompanies a strong battery that can keep going for quite a while and its stands to be the best when compared with other color screen wears. The sticker price on it is simply $129.99 and it would be accessible on retail outlets like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg.

Despite the fact that, individuals may want to frown at the monochrome screen yet the cost is justified. The fit accompanies clear components like round face, heart rate sensors, and a multi-axis movement sensor.

With regards to fitness tracking, Huawei fit has accelerometer signals that naturally tackle the issues you confront while strolling, lying, or running. It quantifies your steps, distance, calories. To add to this, it directs your pace when you do your track exercises.

huawei fit activity tracker Huawei strikes the US with its inexpensive Monochrome Fitness Tracker

The Wear application on your iPhone or Android gadget can give GPS directions to the accessory, as well, on the off chance that you have connected it with the watch by means of Bluetooth. Speaking of bluetooth, the Fit bolsters a Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, so the connection ought to be more stable and energy efficient than previously.

Dissimilar from other accessories, the fitness band is not only stylish yet very much grounded on its acclaimed highlights. The battery is powerful to the point that it can keep going for 6 days with running activities and can likewise remain up to 30 days on standby.

With the wearable sharing a few similarities with a smart watch, it is naturally leaned to give warnings and notifications for calls and different messages, coming from the warm association it has with the cell phone through Bluetooth.

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huawei fit main Huawei strikes the US with its inexpensive Monochrome Fitness Tracker

It takes two hours to charge, and will be accessible in silver or gray variants for the body, with black, orange, or blue straps, which likewise come in more extensive, 20mm form for bigger hands.