Huawei sold more than 139 Million Smartphones in 2016 compared to previous year.
7100b0867618612cac99abddf9ce6e9a xl Huawei Sold more than 139 Million Units in 2016
The figure is particularly notable considering and comparing with the previous years. Huawei sold 100 million smartphones in 2015. The company already reached and exceeded the same figures in October 2016. The Chinese tech giant Huawei is the third-largest producer of smartphones in the world behind Samsung and Apple.
Huawei announced the new goal and achievement for the upcoming year.
the company set a milestone to become the top smartphone manufacturer by 2021.
chinese mobile phone makers Huawei Sold more than 139 Million Units in 2016
The company seems quite positive toward achieving this goal because Huawei was able to sell 30% more smartphones in 2016 compared to previous years. The sales growth of the company was quite impressive.
Unfortunately, the profits gain from the consumer business group of the Chinese company, which also includes smartphones were $ 2 billion last year. Huawei suffers declination of 10% from the $ 2.2 billion achieved in 2015, the company didn’t even manage to reach $2.5 billion in profits.
Screenshot 17 1 Huawei Sold more than 139 Million Units in 2016
The turnover for the entire group has increased last year by 40% to $ 26 billion.
The number of units sold in 2016 and revenues leads the company to higher profits. As we know that the price of the hardware part are on the rise and lately the company has added more features to its high-end phones.
stats Huawei Sold more than 139 Million Units in 2016
According to reports, Huawei has set some regional targets which would be difficult to achieve in this 2017. which is doubling of the consumer business group profit to $ 4 billion. To achieve such kind of goals in mobile industry the company needs to stop worrying about Apple and Samsung and focus on its device enhancement and support.
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