With 2017 at its end, the time for the launch of next flagship devices is almost here. Which will be the stars of the show till the next year, among which the upcoming Huawei P11 might be the first to come forward. Which should get launched somewhere in the month of February, just like its predecessor the Huawei P10.

Huawei Point Cloud Depth Camera Feature Image Huawei P11 Might Feature A Notch Just With Face Detection Feature

MWC for the year 2018 will be held on the 26th of February in Barcelona. Which does come in line with what Huawei said, regarding the launch of its upcoming P11 smartphone. Samsung is also rumored to launch its next flagship device on MWC 2018. Which would be an incremental upgrade rather than a big one. That would only include a better processor and camera and maybe a re-positioned finger print scanner.

Huawei will also be focusing more on camera and AI this time around. Which should not be a surprise because the recently launched Huawei Mate 10 was centered on that. The upcoming Huawei P11 is rumored to come equipped with a set of three camera lenses. That would work simultaneously as a 3D camera. This 3D camera is said to offer Face ID like security features just like on the iPhone X. Aside from that the upcoming Huawei P11 is also rumored to come with a notch, something that we have already seen on both the iPhone X and Essential Phone. Though the function of this rumored notch is still unknown.

Huawei Face 1 Huawei P11 Might Feature A Notch Just With Face Detection Feature

The upcoming Huawei P11 would be powered by the same Kirin 970 processor found on the Huawei Mate 10. Which is a combination of both processing and AI. Something that is not fully utilized yet by all the apps, but we do expect to see future apps take advantage of the neural engine that the Kirin 970 comes equipped with.

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What do you expect to see on the upcoming Huawei P11?