The company Huawei is emerging these days. Its handsets being kept better and better and it turns out to be that the upcoming P10 is expected to cover all the Chinese manufacturing companies offering previous- gen. The latest leak is that the Huawei`s P10 can take several more features from the flagship Samsung Smartphone and more, precisely the S7 edge. The leak states that it comes from the Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo where the one who leaked the news claims that the upcoming Huawei P10 can possibly gain two of the new feature that have been seen together in the handset shared by the company.

The Model Huawei P10 Said to Provide the Support for Tout a Dual-Curved Edge panel as well as Wireless Charging on it

huawei p10 Huawei P10 Might be taking the Inspiration From Flagship Handset, The Smartphone of Samsung, According to this Leak.Via:

Adding more of the specifications, it may be possible that the Huawei P10 switches to OLED panels, like the Mate 9 Porsche Edition, making it look more vibrant as compare to other devices. The screen (dual-curved edge) can take the advantage of the custom UI. it may make things strenuous for the customers when it comes to holding the smartphone. Without having to go in the app menu continuously most of the users will find the use of this feature. This feature will be the first for Huawei just like the Apple.

The smartphone LG announced recently about a wireless charger while having the ability of pushing 15 watts to charge the smartphone, its going to cut down easily while the time taken to charge completely. This will push the manufacturers to incorporate the wireless charging in the mere future devices. We are hoping to see that on Huawei P10. For the announcement of P10, it might be on CES 2017 or MWC 2017 trade show. We are generally learning towards the MWC 2017 trade show because it is more dedicated platform for the smartphones manufacturing company to showcase the offers being given. So what do you think of the leak?

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