We must be thankful to public hearsay that often a time proves to be true. But do all of them?

A reliable social media spook Ricciolo (Twitter handle @ricciollo1), has tweeted that all of us must be ready for an upcoming Huawei P10 that will cost us beyond …..very much.

Screenshot 22 3 Huawei P10 might cost you very high, though less than Mat 9   rumor mongers are back again

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Although, unauthentic news yet enough to base our speculations on. Last year the market witnessed P9 being priced at a sensible value of €599 for its 32GB storage capacity. The same series would cost you just €649 for as large capacity as double to P9.

However, now the unofficial reports about the P10 tell that it will flash as much as €749.

Anyways, we need to stay alive to the unveiling of the P10 and P10 Plus at MWC 2017 where exact prices can be known.

Screenshot 23 2 Huawei P10 might cost you very high, though less than Mat 9   rumor mongers are back again

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The company has already rocked with showcasing Mate 9 in the United States, coming up to competition with other giants in the market.

However, the company seems to have no limits here, it is working on its latest smartphone – the P10.

Though various rumor mongers are blathering a lot about the chief specs and other particulars of the phone, the recent source appears to be finely focused on it: press renders for the phone.

In the series of the commpany’s flagships, The P9 was the first ever attempt at featuring a dual-camera setup through partnership with Leica. The same is expected for the P10.

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However, one must not be just cheering with the features. All come at a cost. The tweet announces that the phone will cost very high to its lovers, probably expensive among all in the series.

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But let’s not worry a lot about the guess of the the rising price, as the tweet also hints that it can’t go beyond Mate 9 Porsche Design, that cost us 1,395 EUR (or $1,498 USD).