Last November Huawei divulged its most recent flagship, the Mate 9, which was received with much adulation. Nick Gray assessed the gadget and gave it a dazzling review, saying that it was “near perfection.” At the CES 2017, Huawei declared that the gadget would go over to the US, yet never talked about another variation showing up.

It appears that Huawei has discreetly launched a more upgraded form of the gadget. Numerous online retailers have begun demonstrating a variation with 6GB which incorporates 128GB of capacity. Beforehand, the gadget was just accessible with “only” 4GB of RAM and 64GB of capacity, yet this new gadget might be the one to purchase in case you’re searching for another powerhouse. The cost increase is noteworthy, as the base model is for $599.99, with the 6GB/128GB variation costing $899.

%name Huawei might have discreetly launched a 6GB variant of their most recent flagship, the Mate 9
Huawei Mate 9


Other than the uptick in RAM and capacity, the specs between the base model and this new variation are indistinguishable. Which makes us question what Huawei is trying to do with this new form. With various outlets offering a similar gadget, it’s far-fetched to think this was a misstep, however it’s somewhat dubious as to why Huawei didn’t make any formal declaration. In case you’re searching for a new cell phone and need to hop on the Huawei train, this might be the gadget for you.

Obviously, there are less expensive alternatives with comparable specs, as the OnePlus 3T features 6GB of RAM and 128GB of capacity for just $479. Unless you’re focused on Huawei or just need to experience Amazon Alexa on a cell phone, it’s presumably best to stay away for the time being.

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