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Huawei Just Announced Their New Huawei Honor 9 Smartphone With A Dual Camera Setup

Huawei Honor 9 Smartphone

Offering a high end smartphone with a hefty price tag is easy. But what about something that costs a fraction and still offers a great experience. Well this is where the famous Chinese company Huawei come in. At an event held in China Huawei announced its new Honor 9 smartphone.

If you are familiar with last year’s Huawei Honor 8. Then the new Honor 9 won’t come as a surprise. As the Huawei Honor 9 shares a lot of its aesthetics with its last year’s predecessor. In terms of design the smartphone comes with a front and back glass build, which is covered with metal edges on the sides. Aside from that the smartphone also sports a dual camera setup on its back and comes with the same mirror finish found on the Huawei Honor 8.

In terms of specs the Huawei Honor 9 comes equipped with a 5.15 inch display. That supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Aside from that there is also a HiSilicon 960 processor running under the hood. That is coupled with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. Where the RAM is dependent on the amount of storage you get. Which also comes in two flavors including a 64GB and a 128GB variant. The smartphone also comes equipped with a dual camera set up on its back. Which sports a 12MP as well as a 20MP camera. While an 8MP sensor is present at the front of the device. Where to power everything the smartphone comes equipped with a 3100mAh battery.

Being a Huawei smartphone the new Honor 9 also doesn’t cost much. Where the base variant of the smartphone comes with a price tag of $300. While Huawei is also offering two high end variants, which would cost you around $400 and above.d

The new Huawei Honor 9 smartphone for now is only limited for the markets of China.

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