The Chinese company executive set a goal to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer by 2021, by surpassing Apple and Samsung. That’s possible because the company is working to develop proprietary technology that would distinguish its devices from other competitors, The company is already working on this strategy and the result reflects by implementing the Kirin processors in upcoming devices.

1000x 1 Huawei developing its own voice assistant In China
According to Bloomberg Huawei is also working to create its own voice assistant system. the company has organized a team of over 100 engineers who begin to work in the personal assistant’s development in its headquarters in Shenzhen.
As Huawei has commenced the development of similar to same as Google (Assistant), Amazon (Alexa)  Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana) and Samsung (Bixby in progress) but the company plans to launch the technology only inside China, So in the initial stage users would only communicate in Chinese.
The logic seems quite clear as many of Google’s services are blocked by the Chinese government, so there are more opportunities to gain large market shares. As the majority of the Smartphones distributed all over the world continue to use Google Assistant.
img con en s3 banner4 Huawei developing its own voice assistant In China

Huawei released the report last year in October 2016, The Chinese manufacturer invested about one million dollars in research fields and artificial intelligence, in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley. The personal assistant could be the first products of this collaboration.

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