Wearable market has seen many ups and downs, initially the wearable smart watches earn huge profits and now the financial reports of companies showing the industry is not doing well for a year or two.

Smartwatch market is not much attractive as the earlier in the history, although the fitness apps and fitness bands are at the peak of the wearable industry. There are many companies heating up the competition of fitness bands.

Huawei Band 2 lineup 640x529 Huawei Band 2, Band 2 Pro hands on, the fitness Band have GPS sensor

Huawei is one of the company who make its space and reputed as well producer of fitness bands. After the launch of ‘Huawei Fit’, the company is going to introduce two fitness bands Huawei 2 and Huawei 2 Pro.

With respect to appearance and design, they both look similar and have the key functionality of tracking your fitness as the other popular fitness bands do. The fitness band key specs are same as the last version, however, the latest wearable bands have some key differences.

Huawe Band 2 Pink 640x483 Huawei Band 2, Band 2 Pro hands on, the fitness Band have GPS sensor

Huawei 2 and Huawei Pro 2 has PMOLED display, the display screen is wide as the last version. The band screen informs you the information and notification of your fitness throughout a day. The smart bands are 100mAh battery storage capacity. The band has wonderful battery that allows to consume the power within next 21 days after a single charge in a 90 minutes.

The Huawei fitness band 2 and Band 2 Pro have a waterproof rating of 5 ATM. The feature is useful for swimmers. Now you need not to worry while running in a rainy day. The band is waterproof and you can wear it in a pool.

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The Huawei Band 2 Pro has GPS sensor that will track your fitness while you have left your smartphone behind. The GPS sensor feature is exclusively in Band 2 Pro. We have no words to say about the prices of the bands. It is expected the Bands will available more or less $100.