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Huawei contributing more than ever in the 5G technology usage – The company’s VP describes Huawei’s contribution in the better use of technology


Huawei is all set to inculcate the 5G network technology into the upcoming technological challenges of the world like Internet of Things (IoT)virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. All of these disciplines require fast internet speeds and Huawei is planning to provide the necessary support with the help of its 5G carrier network. EVP of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, Colin Giles stated:

For 5G, we have a clearly unique position because we have the carrier, which has a very good understanding of what is required on the carrier side for 5G, and we can align that with how we integrate that into our smartphone products. We believe that that can enable a much more efficient communication between the smartphone and the network. But it also means that we’re heavily investing in R&D around 5G capabilities. While a lot of that is on the network side, it spills over into smartphones as well.

Huawei’s Experiments With 5G Technology

Huawei is very optimistic in bringing 5G technology to the scene as the company’s engineers have been conducting 5G trials across the Australia region. In coalition with Mega companies like Optus, NTT DoCoMo, M1, and StarHub, Huawei has successfully conducted a number of 5G trials and the R&D dept. is all set to bring the required improvements. To spread the R&D on a bigger level, Huawei has set up a 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey, which is looking into network slicing and network virtualisation.

Huawei’s Share In IoT Market

Huawei says that it is already working in the IoT field and has contributed a lot. To prove his statement, Giles said that Huawei under the brand name of Honor is selling smart home products which are connected through the IoT network.

Future Plans

Huawei, by making use of its 5G Technology, is planning to roll out the solutions for the automotive sector and Giles is pretty confident about the backend deals with automotive companies. In this regard, he said:

We have a number of cooperations with car manufacturers around the connected car and IoT. The 2012 Labs is on the forefront of innovation for Huawei, and it’s been very focused on all of that, including IoT and all other types of future technologies … we certainly see that as an opportunity and we have ongoing discussions globally with carriers who are very interested in broadening their capabilities of IoT.


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