Huawei plans to introduce driver-less cars.

Huawei, the Chinese technology giant, has long been ambitious in working towards developing autonomous cars. Its R & D team has eventually risen to 200 that work in the entire China, in addition to Silicon Valley US, according to a report from NetEase on the last Thursday.

Screenshot 32 1 Huawei aims for developing driverless cars   Chinese universities to provide experts for  the project


Unknown sources inform the report that a leak of information from supply chains indicates that the team has spread all over Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan; and as much as 9000 developers are working on the project, which falls into its smart city blueprint.

It is generally perceived that after being revolutionary in the field of smart technology, Huawei has got considerable potential to showcase an exemplary self-driving capability very soon.

The company is reported to have plans of teaming up with the most prominent Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University to develop the technology.

It is further revealed that the car is in the phase of an All-Wheel Drive, and is capable of avoiding pedestrians and other on route obstacles automatically, with an additional feature of realizing automatic parking. The car is in its developing phase that potentially requires considerable amount of time. However, all what goes public is never true!

The Chinese giant has not yet announced anything related to this report, let alone open acknowledgment of its involvement in automobile development.

Rather, the company issued a denial statement (rejecting the media reports) in October 2016, that it was intending to work with Canadian automobile supplier, Magna to develop cars.

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