nfs payback high stakes competition.jpg.adapt .crop16x9 1024x576 Tight your seat belt, Need for Speed Pay back will be on roads this November

Need for Speed Pay Back is an upcoming car racing action game developed by Ghost Games and published by the legendary sports gaming giants Electronic Arts. You can play this new EA title racing game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The first trailer of Pay Back was released on June 2, 2017. The game will be available worldwide on November 10, 2017.The latest trailer of Need for Speed: Pay Back came at Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Need for Speed: Pay Back is set in an open world environment. It is aimed at action driving and will have three Protagonists: Tyler, the Racer, Mac, the Showman and Jess, the Wheelman. They will take on the House, who have taken something from the crew that needs to returned.

Since it’s a racing game and racing without amazing cars is as boring as movie without action. The cars in Need for Speed comes in five classes; Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag and Runner. Whatever your mission is, you are going to want the right car for the job. Here’s a recent Gameplay trailer of the game

This incredible open world racing and action game is set in the Fortune Valley environment range from wide canyons, sprawling cities, sandy deserts and mountains. This astonishing places will be explored through the eyes of different characters. Intense cop chases will aid fire to the fuel and will make the game more thrilling and engaging to play.

maxresdefault 5 1024x576 Tight your seat belt, Need for Speed Pay back will be on roads this November

Now let’s talk about the recently released news about the size this game will take in your Hard Drive. As you guys now major games these days occupy a lot of space in hard drive. This is specifically true for racing games, such as the recently released Gran Turismo Sport requires over 50 GB, and the PC version Forza Motorsport 7 gobbles up nearly 100 GB. You may think now that the Need for Speed; Pay Back may also be in that category, right? but to your amazement its Install size revealed is surprisingly small.

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According to Microsoft store listing, the Xbox One version of Need for Speed: Pay Back has a relatively reasonable Install size of 17.8 GB. Considering that Pay Back is a high definition racer with a full story mode featuring voice-acted cut-scenes, that is extraordinarily low. The verdict is not known about how much space it will take in Pc and PS4 yet, but it will likely be similar. While the game’s PC requirements indicated 30 GB of free space, but that was probably a placeholder