BATTLEFRONT 2 GAMEPLAY TRAILER 750x410 The inter galactic war isn’t over yet! Star Wars Battlefront II new trailer and footage is out now.

Brace yourselves, the much awaited Star Wars Battlefront II will soon be played by their fans around the world. EA broke this news today, while they released the new trailer and footage of their new game, they will be showing their multiplayer inter galactic assault mode at Gamescom later this month. You can be the witness of it by watching it live at 9:30 AM PT on August 21st.

What would be the war be like?

The multiplayer will be a ragging dogfight between different teams. The battleground will be teeming with lightning fast fighter jets, roaring bombers, peculiar hero ships, laser guns, light sabers, robot warriors, and what not. All of these will be circling in Imperial Shipyard around an Imperial Star Destroyer. Here’s the trailer to make your jaws drop.

Impressed? Who wouldn’t be! The trailer beautifully showed the glimpses of the game’s features like the different terrains, the live battle scenario, real time action and background sounds, the awesome spaceships you will be riding, and the touch of story and drama.

Who would be the victor? Will it the dauntless mavericks? Or will the mighty Imperial army succeed in maintaining their rule?

To know the answers and have a better idea of the game, don’t forget to tune in live on August 21 at 9:30 AM PT at You will have the chance to see the new feature of the games like advanced controls, extensive customizations and all new class-based system. Fondor: Imperial Shipyard will join the Theed Galactic Assault map in the beta starting October 6. For PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One, Star Wars Battlefront II will be available later this year. Better start you preparation for the inter galactic war from today, may the force be with you.

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