310 prism sync 001.png  1920x700 q85 crop scale optimize subsampling 2 1024x576 SteelSeries launches Apex M750. The coolest mechanical keyboard with the most balanced features

The Apex M750 is one of its kind, it’s a beautifully yet simply designed mechanical keyboard. It features QX2 mechanical switches, with each key having RGB lighting. This keyboard can really put up a light show. Its SteelSeries engine app lets its users to have better customization and performance. Apex M750 looks like a Dj’s Keyboard.M750 is an excellent combination of beauty, functionality and performance. There are many on options available in this crowded market and gamers are pretty take their keyboards seriously, but what put M750 aside from other is that its made by keeping all the factors in consideration which most keyboards lacks.

What really does the M750 offers?

The Apex M750 feature steel series, designed with aerospace aluminum core which makes lighter yet durable and sleek. The linear, mild force actuation have an impressive guaranteed life span of 50 million key presses and delivers a quite and smooth response.

The New SteelSeries Engine is even more amazing than its hardware

SteelSeries Engine, in partnership with Discord, is now featuring chat notification which will enable users to get real-time chat notification and as we said before you can have some incredible customization with its reactive lighting.

New SteelSeries Engine Apps have some really cool things to offer

• You will be able to upload any GIF, and it will be automatically convert into complex and awesome light effect.

• Audio visualizer enables M750 to sync with any music or playlist and creates astounding illumination patterns

.• For the Gigantic game’s fans, they can enjoy real-time, in-game reactive illumination and haptic feedback across all SteelSeries-compatible devices.

Pixel Microphone Issue Is Fixed By Google

• PrimSync enables the M750 and other Prism-enabled gear to sync and create multi color lighting effect between M750 and Prism enabled gear.

• Last but certainly not the least, GameSense lighting provide immersive and reactive lighting in-game events like low ammo, health and cooldown timers.

  • You can get this amazing gaming keyboard at a pretty fair price of USD $ 139.99

Here is the product page. Steelseries