1032134 screenhi 930x524 en US 04 1 Seems that EA learned from the FIFA 17 flaws by making improvements in FIFA 18

Its just a gap of 2 days now as FIFA 18 will be released 29th of this September, but the debate is already started over it after released of its gameplay. Before reviewing FIFA 18, lets take a year step back when FIFA 17 was released. The FIFA 17 was marked one of under improvement EA games with lake of realism. The fast movement of the players, the easy shielding of the attacker and stunning goals from long way out was something of the unrealistic FIFA 17 features. Beside with that EA failed to improve the graphics of game as per their claim.


Whether FIFA 18 gameplay is fascinating or not, the FIFA addicts gamer would not stop buying FIFA 18, the first thing in the morning. With no doubt FIFA 18 is already one of the most successful and revenue generated game of 2017 so far. But the question is did FIFA 18 improved in this one year gap from FIFA 17. By looking into its realistic features we can say yes it is improved and it is improved a lot.


Looking at FIFA 18 gameplay the following improvments has been made:

  • In FIFA 18 the game speed has been noticeably slowed down, which immediately feels more realistic
  • The animation is also improved, although more importantly it can now be interrupted – so you’re no longer sitting there waiting for a sequence to finish before you can start another move
  • Even crosses are better than they were, crosses can now lob cross, low cross, dip cross and knuckle cross.
  • FIFA 18 will feature short story mode.
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