xbox one x e3 2017 nick statt 4.0 1 1024x683 Panello explains Xbox One X Enhanced features; a considerable performance upgrade even for 1080p users

Xbox One X console to to released on 7th of November with pre-ordering started already. In our previous writing we already discussed that why to go for Xbox one X when Xbox One console is already available at considerable lower price.

One of the Key feature of Xbox One X i.e Enhanced makes a notibale difference between the two gaming consoles.

What Enhanced feature is capable of

As Xbox One X yet to be released and to be tested , Penello explains some of the new and advance features before its release which will be experienced by Xbox One X users. Speaking about Xbox One X Enhanced Penello said:

 “It’s just a simple way that customers can understand this game is doing something special on the Xbox One X.” 

Further in interview he answered the following question while explaining Xbox One X Enhanced:

When asked: how good is Xbox One X for those who dont have 4K display?

“One of the features that we have on the Xbox One X is called supersampling, and it scales down all of the 4K data and image quality to a 1080p screen. So 1080p users will still get the benefit of the advanced textures, the faster framerates, the higher quality imagery, even if they’re not displaying it in native 4K. So a 1080p supersample image is a huge improvement over a native 1080p image.

“On top of that, there’s other features that we have in the box that make games better. We have a 50 percent faster hard drive to make loading times faster. For older games that aren’t Xbox One X Enhanced, they’ll see improvements and better texture quality, or better resolutions and frame rates, depending on how the game was built. So even if you haven’t upgraded to a 4K TV, there’s still a bunch of reasons to get an Xbox One X, and it’s still gonna be the best place to play the best versions of the games.”

Penello explains some of new games front cover will be featuring additional logo of Enhanced gaming :

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“We’re going to be updating our packaging with new logos that communicate Xbox One X Enhanced, 4K, and HDR. So in the store you’ll see it on the box. If you go to our digital store you’ll be able to sort by those same filters, so I can sort by Xbox One X Enhanced, 4K, or HDR. And also in my games and apps, which is really kind of cool, if you have an Xbox One X there’ll be a new filter for Xbox One X Enhanced titles. Those will show all the games that have been upgraded. And if you have an Xbox One S, you can also filter by Xbox One X Enhanced [as of an update scheduled for this fall], so you can see games that you already own today, that if you ever decide to upgrade, will be available right away.” 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already running on Xbox One X and it runs at 30 to 40 Frames Per Second on the 100-player servers