When people were busy comparing Threadripper and GTX 1080 Ti, fighting over which is best. NVIDIA and AMD surprised everyone with their tweets. Their tweets were no less than the tweets of two love birds. After the release of Threadripper, a natural battle started between tech experts and the public, everyone had their own views and opinions over the matter. NVIDIA and AMD seem to be standing in a boxing ring against each other. During the heat, we heard a sweet tweet form NVIDIA, welcoming AMD on its comeback in x86 arena. Have a look for yourself.

Capture NVIDIA and AMD joins hands, exchanged high fives, once foes are now friends

Can you believe it? Not only is it welcoming AMD, but encouraging everyone to use Threadripper, of course paired with the GTX 1080 Ti as a GPU. I personally think that the pair will prove to be very successful. AMD replied the welcoming of NVIDIA with an equally friendly reply. Instead of saying anything at all, they showed their reaction by sharing a GIF.

21 NVIDIA and AMD joins hands, exchanged high fives, once foes are now friends

Wow, AMD immediately exchange a high five, this is such a rare and impressive show of professional courtesy between two leading companies. But wait, those shirt colors! They are no coincidence at all, clearly the green shirt guy is NVIDIA while the other red shirt guy is AMD. AMD surely knows how to reply with GIFs. NVIDIA and AMD are getting closer to be in a partnership. Lets hope, in the near future they come up with product having the goods from the both sides.

Things are just getting more sweeter between the two.

Just after the day of high fives, NVIDIA tweeted something romantic. They tweeted the AMD_Deutschland a kiss emoji. Which the AMD really seem to like, as the replied with another impressive GIF, featuring two power rangers and yeah you guessed it right, a red and a green ranger, raising hand at each other like two best buddies do.

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