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Microsoft just revealed the news that they managed to make a qubit that can be used as a general purpose computing device. But qubits have been hanging around for quite a while, what’s so special about this particular qubit that Microsoft is so excited about?

The problem with existing qubits!

Out of many major problems with quantum computers, one of them is their super sensitivity towards any change in their environment for example any disturbance could disrupt the processes taking inside the qubits. In easy words, qubits were not stable enough to be used in mainstreams computers. But before going in to further details let us give you an extremely brief idea about quantum computers and their general working.

What are Quantum computer and how they works?

The existing computer store and process data in binary form, while the quantum computer does this jobs by making use of different quantum phenomena like quantum spin, quantum entanglements etc and qubits can store much more data than ordinary bits but due to the extremely minuscule size the qubits its really hard to make a stable platform for the qubits specially when we try to scale up the number of qubits.

What has Microsoft came with?

Microsoft is using the term “topological qubits” and if we see the definitions of these words we can define it as a state of matter is one in which an electron can be fractionalised and appear in different places within a system. To get a more clear idea check out the video below,

You now have a pretty good idea about what is going on. Any advancement related to quantum computers, is certainly a breakthrough.

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On Monday besides the announcement of their topological qubit, Microsoft also announced that to complete the set, they will be coming with the software and programming languages for topological quantum computing. And they will be available for free preview by the year end.