2905527 og image Megaton Rainfall to be released on 26th September

We are not joking! Aliens are soon coming to destroy the earth and you are humanity’s only chance. Why you? Because you are virtually indestructible and you can zoom through the cities with speeds up to Mach 10.

Seems like the aliens won’t stand a chance against you.

Well apart from alien your powers alone can be fatal to whole cities as you unintentionally tear a city apart. So you will not only be fighting different alien ships but protecting different cities at the same time. A bar will provided which will show a city’s health and human causalities , if it falls below a certain level, then you have failed the whole humanity my friend. Ease up its just a game, but an amazing one. Your performance will be based on the same bar that we just discussed above. Of course the fewer causalities are, the better it is.
With great powers, comes great responsibilities! How great? See the trailer below.

Almost all the major cities have been recreated in this game, so you will have the chance to save or may be destroy (intentionally or unintentionally) you favorite city.

When will you be saving the earth from alien invasion?

The release of Megaton Rainfall will be on 26th September, this news hase been confirmed earlier this week for PlayStation 4, you might be thinking about PlayStation VR mode, fortunately you can play the whole game in VR mode. And on PS4 pro the game even gets better as you will be playing it in 4K resolution rendered via checkerboard at speeds of 60 fps.
PC user will have to wait to be save humanity, as the game will be released for PC at a later date. Also Sony had a temporary exclusivity agreement with the developers to provide additional support. As single person super hero based game becoming scarce, Megaton Rainfall is a must play game for solo gamers.
Some features in depth.

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