The collaboration of Kingston and Marvell is proving to be very successful. Theirs sales are skyrocketing ever since. With shipments of SSDs reaching an incredible six million since February, 2015. They really are close to take over the SSD market. And this the reason that they were celebrating, who wouldn’t? But Kingston and Marvell are just warming up for the launching of a new series of drives.

kingstonSSD 642 4fd19 Kingston and Marvell launching a new series of drives, while celebrating a whooping six million SSD shipments.

Before going further, let’s have a brief overview of Kingston and Marvell’s friendship?
The gainful friendship of Kingston and Marvell started over 2 years ago, when Kingston launched the Hyper X line of SSDs, among this line of SSDs, the HyperX Predator PCIe SSD was the first SSD to use a Marvell’s controller. And it kept getting better, a year later Kingston launched another line of drives UV400, which is mainstream SSD powered by Marvell’s four channel controller 88SS1074. Kingston and Marvell together made six million shipments, their partnership is proving to be very beneficial. Anyone feeling jealous?

What’s the next fruit of their friendship?

They are not stopping here, Kingston has unveiled their first 3D-NAND based SSD, the UV500 which will be controlled by the same Marvell’s controller, the 88SS1074, used before in UV400. Nigel Alvares, Marvell’s VP of SSD & Enterprise Storage Marketing, stated that upcoming Kingston UV500 “will be able to offer industry-leading 3D NAND performance, endurance, data integrity and reliability using our third generation of NANDEdge technology”. Ariel Perez, SSD business manager at Kingston further added that the company is “looking to keep that ‘units shipped’ number growing”. According the UV500 might get released in third quarter of this year. Everyone is hoping that the UV500 won’t disappoint anyone.

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