gtGe0 Game of Thrones Fans first overwhelmed over the leaked episode 6 but were left in tears after watching it.

A surge of excitement ran through the fans of game of thrones, when episode 6 of season was accidently aired by HBO in Europe. Since then the leaked episode have been circling around the internet, and many viewers watched it without any second thought, who wouldn’t?

How did the fans react?

Like the India leak of episode 4, this episode was also appreciated by the fan as one of the best episode so far. But the question remains why did it made so many people to literally weep? Despite the “The Spoils of War,” Episode 6 being pure awesome, it turned out to be quite emotional too. Have a look at some reactions.

These are some of many sad and emotional tweets. HBO and “The Game of Thrones” really needs to control the leaks. But if we look closely these leaks have no effect on the rating of the show, as each episode is better than the last one, but let’s hope there are no more leaks ahead, this season has only episode 7 the finale to go. The only affected people from the leaks are the people who don’t want to know anything in advance, no matter what they do they still come across spoilers.
Season 7, Episode 6 will air (again) on Sunday, Aug. 20 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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