1 57 1024x538 Aquacomputer presents Kryographics VEGA, the full water cooler with LED lighting.

As cool as it might look, it’s a really a cool piece of hardware to keep your new AMD GPU cool. It is engineered to give optimal cooling, it has a jet plate and elaborate cooling structure. The cooler is compatible with the VEGA 64, VEGA 56 and Frontier Edition cards from AMD.

Lets get down to the cool engineering behind this cooler.

First of all the kryographics VEGA is completely CNC machined, just like other radiators and this is done exclusively at factory in Benniehausen. The base is made high quality electrolytic copper with a thickness of 10mm, kryographics VEGA also comes in nickel-plated version as well, large slotted cooling structure ensures maximum cooling capacity and optimum flow. To reduce the already low flow resistance of copper, mized coolant guides are used.

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  • The backplate provided by AMD can be used directly with the cooler.
  • The threads are as usual in G1 / 4 “.
  • The price for the unencumbered variants will be cheap 109,90 €.
  • The radiators can be ordered at webshop.

Although the connection terminal is made from Delrin but it can also be exchanged against one of our kryoconnect adapters. The radiator engulfs the entire graphics card, while the rear area is covered by a cover made of stainless steel. A red LED light is integrated in the cooler almost invisibly. This is simply plugged into the existing connector on the graphics card and replaces the LED module from the air cooler. Information such as GPU temperature, load, water temperature, etc. to be displayed directly on the radiator thanks to the optional VISION connector. Here are some more pictures of this cool cooler for you new AMD GPU. Enjoy!

AMD AM4 Motherboard Aftermarket Cooler Incompatibility


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