radeon rx vega 100730342 orig 980x620 AMD Vega cards is hard to find in the market; even for retailers

First the rising prices of RX Vega and now unavailability of it, customers patience has been tested all day long. Recent reports by DigiTimes claims that RX Vega AMD product shortage will last until October. And the retailers who have RX Vega in their hands are asking for high cash although the Vega prices has already been raised 100 USD. After all these visible marketing flaws, the question arises “what are the reasons of all that shortage and other flaws?”

What are the reasons of the shortage

From poor marketing survey to the launch of RX Vega is what all creates shortage tensions for customers and retailers, let’s enlist one by one:

  • The product stock was not full ready before its launch.
  • Reports claims that the issue may lie in Advanced Semiconductor Engineering packaging technology which makes manufacturing procces slow ultimately causes shortage.
  • According to the report, the issue arises while trying to integrate HBM.
  • AMD wasn’t ready to launch the RX Vega and the current situation predicts that AMD RX Vega release was a hasty move.
  • Poor marketing survey is all what takes the credit for recent shortage.

Lets hear Kitguru expertise on the current shortage

KitGuru Says:

If this report is accurate, then it could be rather difficult for some to get hold of Vega for another month. What I’m particularly interested in finding out is how this is going to impact AiB plans as so far, there has been a lack of custom cooled GPU announcements.

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