We have been listening from 2015 that HTC might be stepping into smartwatch world as well. But it seems as if it’s rumour again.

Earlier clue to such a pleasant entry by the company was welcomed and honest opinions were circulated at every platform. The product,  code-named Halfbeak buzzed on web but disappeared like a flash.

It alarmed all again when the photos appeared on Weibo.

Screenshot 13 5 HTCs Halfbeak still to see the days light   Do the new photos signal anything?

via: techtimes.com

HTC has been very keen with Halfbeak, as it was expected that the device will stand out from the routine. Although nothing important has been shared from any source, it is rumoured that the device might display a 360 x 360 resolution.

The recent photos reflect a working collaboration between the HTC and Under Armour collaboration. The new logo clearly showcases their long-standing and enduring partnership.

via: youtube.com

Critics believe that this joint venture can be trusted, as they have been appearing in numerous developments; like in cahoots to introduce the UA Healthbox platform in 2016.

On the other hand, the company might not be welcomed warmly by the market, as their smartphones too met tough luck. So the push into other devices might not go lucky.

Besides, the jumbled collection of the devices over the last two years, particularly new devices has not been excellent, as some outdated specs were introduced. Meanwhile, the wearable Halfbeak is still under cover after unveiling the product almost two years ago, though cancelled later.

Screenshot 14 5 HTCs Halfbeak still to see the days light   Do the new photos signal anything?

via: cepkolik.com

Even last May, certain media shots could be listened to crack news about the emergence of a separate wearable device to be displayed at the end of the year, but all go into uncertainty, though photos suggested much to think about.

If unveiled, Wearable suggests that the device would prioritize fitness. The rear view of the wearable clearly indicates the heart rate sensor. The four pins presumably signal charging jack of the device.

Some features of  the device are given below:

  • fully circular display with 360x360px resolution
  • pogo pins and a heart-rate senso
  • running on Android Wear 1.3 (based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop)


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