HTC is currently offering its HTC Vive Pro for $799 but the good news is that the original HTC Vive is now available for $499. The analysts are describing it as a golden opportunity for the gamers as the money is absolutely worth it now!

HTC Vive 218 1024x576 HTC Vive Price Drop: The new pricing is making the old buyers jealous!

Those who have used it, recommend it to be used as the headset has an unmatched experience. At an affordable price of $499, you’d love to wear the headset either you are alone or want to enjoy it with your friends. It’s probably the hardest time for the gamers who bought the HTC Vive at is the full price of $799.


For all those buying the HTC Vive at the discounted price, will also get a free copy of Bethesda’s full-on Fallout 4 VR port as well as a free two-month Viveport subscription. Seems legit. isn’t it? Here’s what you’d get out of the package:

  1. Two lighthouse sensors
  2. Two controller wands
  3. All the necessary cables

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