HTC just announced its new U11 Eyes phone that comes equipped with a dual camera setup at the front. Both the front facing cameras on the HTC U11 Eyes support a resolution of 5MP. Aside from that the dual camera setup at the front also comes with some extra features as well. That includes HDR boost, bokeh mode and a beauty mode. That according to HTC will provide users with ‘’spectacular selfies’’.

HTC U11 EYEs 1 HTC U11 Eyes Finally Announced With Dual Front Facing Selfie Shooters

In terms of specs the HTC U11 Eyes comes equipped with a 6 inch display. That supports a max resolution of 1080 x 2160. There is also the Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 running under the hood, coupled with 4GB Ram and 64GB of expandable on board storage. The HTC U11 Eyes also comes with its edge sense feature. Which uses a squeeze gesture to launch an app. Aside from that the HTC U11 comes equipped with a 12MP camera at the back. Where to run everything the phone is powered by a 3930mAh battery inside.

The dual camera setup on the HTC U11 Eyes can also distinguish between a user and a photo. This feature also extends to the new face unlocking feature that the phone comes with. Which can recognize its user with glasses or a breathing mask. Something that would work great in the Chinese market. As due to pollution, many users wear air pollution masks.

htc u11 EYEs HTC U11 Eyes Finally Announced With Dual Front Facing Selfie Shooters

The HTC U11 Eyes just like others in its family also lacks a headphone jack. While the fingerprint sensor is also moved to the back of the phone. HTC will be releasing its U11 Eyes phone in three colors including black, red and silver.

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The HTC U11 Eyes will go on sale starting Wednesday in Hongkong with a price tag of $500. While the Chinese market is expected to get it later this month. As for the global market HTC still haven’t announced anything.