If the recent rumors regarding HTC are true. Then the company might slowly be pulling out its smartphone business from the market.

According to Digitimes, HTC will start pulling out its business starting next year. Where the Taiwanese company might only launch a couples of smartphones. There can be a lot of reasons why HTC might take such a big decision. But situation does point towards loss of resources, after Google acquired most of its employees from HTC’s mobile division.

htc u ultra product 17 HTC Might Slowly Windup Its Smartphone Business Next Year

The Taiwanese company also didn’t launch many smartphones this year as well. Which aside from its market or variant specific models only include around six phones. Most of which were based on its new U series. Though if HTC did go with launching a small number of smartphones next year. Then the company might be shadowing other small company like OnePlus.

Whatever the case maybe HTC might not be all that affected by this decision. As the company is rumored to be selling its smartphone business to move over to other lucrative markets like VR. Google might also be one of the companies that might show interest in the buyout of HTC mobile division. Because one of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone is manufactured by HTC. While both of the Google Pixel 2 phones also support HTC squeeze feature, just like on the HTC U series.

HTC Vive launch HTC Might Slowly Windup Its Smartphone Business Next Year

HTC used to be in the top Android phones when it first started with its Desire series. Where even today the last years HTC 10 is considered one of the best phones that HTC came up with. But with this year’s HTC U series, the Taiwanese company doesn’t seem to be doing very well, unlike Samsung and Google.

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HTC is expected to launch two models next year. Which would include a mid-tier model, to be launched as soon as January. While the high end model known as the HTC U12 does not have a launch date yet.