According to the report, Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) announced today the HTC stocks trading halt on its stock effective tomorrow. The Stock exchange says the decision is made due to the disclosure of the “material information” of the company.

The Google is taking over the shares of the Tiwan manufacturing Smartphone Company by purchasing the shares of the company. The news is breakdown by many reporters and credible source. Even Blass shares the news on his official twitter account mentioning the official announcement will comments on Thursday, the tomorrow.

stock htc one HTC is halting trade of its shares, Google is taking over the company

One of the HTC official announced the company is collaborating with Google in which assets of the HTC will own by the search giant Google. However, HTC filed request to resume the all stock of the company in the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

The official HTC response to the reported Google negotiations with each other, the official of the HTC syas:

“HTC does not comment on market rumor or speculation.” But the facts of HTC’s situation speak for themselves: the company has been operating at a loss for well over a year and, in spite of the excellence of its latest U11 flagship, wasn’t looking likely to survive much longer without outside assistance.

Google and HTC are the smartphone partners for th Pixel and Nexus devices and running the android sport. HTC is recently pending its latest version of Pixel devices that are expected to release in this month. Even the collaboration of the Google and HTC the smartphone enhance the portfolio of the company.

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