HTC is currently working on Google Pixel and Pixel XL. But the company has lost its market value and struggling to gain it lost position in the market. Once the market was overloaded with HTC smartphones. The company has expanded it business and moving to add VR project to stream the platform. Despite the loss in profit the still hopeful for the future.

The operating loss of HTC:

The company has been facing the losses from last two consecutive years in the fourth quarter on 2916 the company faced around $116.8 million USD and last quarter of 2015 HTC bore  $133.1 million. The revenue of last year was around $720.7 million, which drops around13% in comparison with last year. HTC is facing the lost 13% in revenue almost every year. The pattern is not good for the quite dangerous for the company.

revenue chart htc 640x331 HTC faces 13% decrease in profit in last two consecutive years


The interesting thing in the charter is that the company has claimed the increase in revenue but the there is the continuous decrease in third and fourth quarter 2016. This is a bit dangerous situation for the company because the fourth quarter is holiday season and every company expected an increase in revenue in same period HTC faced loss. This shows that the customer is no more interested in HTC products. The possible reason may the low quality of the product comparison with the international market, the only worthy smartphone produced was HTC H10.

htc 10 global carbon gray phone listing HTC faces 13% decrease in profit in last two consecutive years

HTC need to improve the overall product quality other than VR market:

The financial reports show that the company needs to improve its overall product just not to focus on the only feature, the VR market. The HTC ultra is expected the phone in MWC 2017 with its stunning blue the handset is up to the mark. But HTC has not been able to align with Samsung LG and Motorola is the coming customer show at Barcelona.

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