HP unveils 15-inch Spectre x360 2-in-1 with new updates.

Much awaited and anticipated was the new version of HP 15-inch Spectre x360 2-in-1 to come up with fresh looks and updated overhaul.

If compared with the previous year, the configuration has been raised to a very satisfactory level, but the price tag stays almost normal.

Screenshot 23 1 HP unveils 15 inch Spectre x360 for 2017   improved battery and unbelievable rates, rush and get it!

via: itapunta.com

So let’s take the device out of the box.

The tremendous change can be witnessed in the processor that features Core i7 dual-core at all versions. It has to offer discrete GPU (Nvidia’s GTX 940MX), and a viable 79.2-watt-hour battery.

The battery indeed is a remarkable upgrade in the previous generation model that provides 63WHr version. The consumers’ attention in this regard has been given a very serious thought who wanted durable but viable back up support.

On the other hand, HP too aims to target every strata of the user; be it education, commerce or entertainment. All the models come up with a 4K UHD screen.

Another attraction appeared in the form of considerably reduced bezel, and a smaller footprint. Both the features have become a noticeable entity in smart technology these days.

The new Spectre x360 for 2017 has got a single USB-C 5Gbps port that replaced two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and a mini-Display Port in the previous version.

Screenshot 1 1 HP unveils 15 inch Spectre x360 for 2017   improved battery and unbelievable rates, rush and get it!

via: pcworld.com

2017 has gained an extra of 4 ounces, totally it up to 4.43 pounds. The storage however has remained the same: 256 GB and 8GB of RAM.

So now the interesting factor of the latest version is its price, as discussed above.

Behold the future! The glorious 8K resolution is on its way to provide you with the best looking graphics

One might expect that the device is going to your hands with exponential price rate. I suspect it will not be like it seems.

Earlier, we saw the model being sold at $1,150 with a full HD screen and Core i5 CPU along with integrated graphics. But now with 4K screen, discrete graphics, improved battery, it might cost you just $1,280.

The current rates go ahead of all competitors. Particularly, Dell’s XPS 15, which charges at around $1,600 by offering quad-core parts and a touchscreen.

It shows that the brand this time has played fairly well to rob the market of all customers that plan to go elsewhere.