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HP Just Announced Its First External GPU Solution named HP Accelerator


At Computex this year HP also had a lot to offer. Where aside from a bunch of new gaming computers HP also introduced a couple of new gaming accessories. Which includes two new gaming monitors, a gaming mouse and a mechanical gaming keyboard. But the star of the show among these new accessories is their new external GPU enclosure.

The new external GPU enclosure from HP is known as the HP Accelerator. The HP accelerator is a big box which comes equipped with a power supply. Which can be equipped with a wide range of graphics cards available on the market. While an option to fit a hard drive is also there if needed. In terms of ports the new HP Accelerator come with 4 USB 3.0 and a single USB Type-C port. Where the external GPU uses a Thunderbolt 3 connector to connect to a laptop.

If you don’t know an external GPU is a great solution, if you want to run the latest AAA game titles on your thin and light laptop. Where the external GPU acts as a graphic card, while the laptop provides the necessary processing power needed to run games. The new HP Accelerator would be a great option for users who do not want to spend a lot on their external GPU enclosure. Compared to the much expensive Razer Core, the new HP Accelerator comes with a price tag of just $300.

As every other company HP also does not guarantee compatibility with other laptop brands aside from their own. But those of you who are interested shouldn’t worry much. Because one way or the other there is also a way to run it on non-supported laptops. Though do make sure your laptop comes equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 connector for compatibility.

What do you think about the new HP Accelerator? Is it a better option for its price compared to its competition.


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