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HP ENVY 13 Ultrabook found NVIDIA MX150, more capacity of the work and for playing games


Recently, NVIDIA released NVIDIA MX150. The company didn’t announce before the release, however, the version is for the HP ENVY 13 Ultrabook. The mobile GPU with the GT 1030, the performance of the GPU is much as the users were expecting from the new version.

The HP ENVY 13 Ultrabook have the 2 GB VRAM to support the NVIDIA GPU. However, the NVIDIA GPU have not much popular in the game, but the company is pulling the more gamer as with the improvements, you can enjoy the games at DOTA2 at moderate settings.

You can get, the more frames for the games by using the command on your laptop and other tablet devices. The company is expecting to launch the GPUs in many more devices.

NVIDIA GPU can be performed much better in the integrated graphics as compare to the Intel and many more. The users have more expectations for the better performance in graphics. However, we cannot say much about how the NVIDIA will better perform than the Intel?

We have to wait for the more improvements and more rivalry among the Intel and NVIDIA. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments box given below!


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