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HP Announced Its New Line Of Gaming Laptops and Desktops At Computex


HP though not as famous is progressing its way into the gaming market. Where the company just announced its new lineup of Omen gaming PCs. Which includes a backpack VR PC, a gaming desktop, a 15 inch gaming laptop and a 17 inch gaming laptop.

The new HP Omen Desktop comes with a starting price of just $899. Which comes equipped with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU. Though user who are looking for something extreme can also pay up to $3000 for a more powerful PC. Where users will have the option to choose from either an Intel or Ryzen processor, coupled with an NVIDIA or AMD GPU in SLI or Crossfire. This includes the top of the line offering from both the companies. Which includes the GTX 1080 from NVIDIA and the RX 580 from AMD.

Aside from their HP Omen Desktop, HP also showcased its new 15 inch and 17 inch gaming laptops. Though their new gaming laptop this year, gives off more of a gaming vibe than last year. Where HP is calling it their ”fighter jet and spacecraft-inspired designs’’. In terms of specs the smaller 15 inch version can be coupled with either a Radeon RX 550 GPU or a Geforce GTX 1060. While the larger 17 inch variant can be equipped with either a Geforce GTX 1070 or a RX 580 GPU. Aside from that both the laptops will offer the same choice of Kaby Lake processor. Where user can choose among a 1080P or a 4k display, with either FreeSync or GSync technology.

As for the availability of these new offering from HP. The HP Omen Desktop will be available starting today. While the two new gaming laptops will go on sale at 28th of June. Where the 15 inch gaming laptop comes with a starting price of $999. While the 17 inch version comes with a starting price tag of $1100.


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