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How You Can Use AI To Create, Not Kill, Value For Your Brand

How You Can Use AI To Create, Not Kill, Value For Your Brand

The structure of technology begins to advance in the marketing areas from being good to a professional and an ability to create values. However, balancing the technology’s ability to a creator of values is a huge mistake because it reduces the values in the market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already at the point to create value in markets and other areas if used well.

The world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer, North star who collaborated with Arm have their products used by 75% of the world population to conduct world research (US, UK, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea) with over 4,000 consumers on AI. The insights enable marketers to know how to use AI to create value, and not kill it.

How Can AI Help in Improving Value of a Brand 

1. AI Offers Dependable Service When Needed By Customers 

In this era, if you want your company or organization to be successful and retain your customers in this competitive marketing environment, it’s essential to offer dependable and efficient customer experience and not an ordinary service.

Human beings can’t work 24/7, that’s where you the help of AI to support human inadequacies. AI offers a high-quality dependability human can’t give. If you desire to run your business 24/7 you should regard using an AI chatbot for your business.

AI Chatbots offers your customers with the best information they need to solve each of their problems when you’re not present.

More so, because AI Chatbots are created with natural language processing and machine learning, they have cognitive functions; they understand your mind as you communicate with them. AI Chatbots are developed to learn from their interactions with humans.

2. AI Can Automate Customer Service Over Messaging Apps

Currently, an average person is either on Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Skype or all of them, so also your customers. It will provide the chance of messaging your business right from their best messaging app.

Thus, it’s more convenient for them to reach your business from any of their messengers more than calling you or going to your website to fill your contact form.

Facebook released its Chatbots in 2015 with an open-source API for developers to gain its advantage and develop strong Chatbots. Slack has also released its AI Chatbot API for developers. Currently, lots of businesses are using Chatbots on their websites to communicate with the customer through a chat interface.

Chatbots offers a wide customer service 24/7 which plays a significant role in your customer satisfaction. You can use the chatbot to generate more sales, leads, and to enable your customers to fill online forms interactively.

3. Customers Love Self-help services

It’s not easy to satisfy customers nowadays. Customers expect you to have a self-help service on your website. They want to have the ability to help themselves until they find it unsolvable, then you can step in and help them out.

Various studies revealed that about 90% of consumers expect a company or organization to provide a self-service customer support portal.

AI Chatbots are the self-service agent customers’ needs. With AI Chatbots a customer may not need to call any customer service agent, except in worst scenarios where the bot can’t provide a solution to their problem.

Implementing a self-help service plays a significant role in your company’s result. It brings lots of engagement with your company and website by increasing the time spent on your site, improves brand attraction, and also supports repeat traffic.

4. AI Enables You To Customize Your Customer Service Experience

In this digital world, the main goal of any business should be to offer stress-free, convenient, customized customer service. To achieve business goals, it is essential to place your customer’s priority at first. Lots of B2B companies are using AI technology to enhance their customer experience and boost their sales.

Customers love to be listened to and they want to feel that you care about assisting them in providing solutions to their problems. They want to communicate with your brand. AI Chatbots can be an amazing encouragement to your entire customer service efforts. With cognitive function through machine learning and natural language processing which are included in Chatbots, they are becoming more appealing and more human-like.

AI Chatbots are developed to learn from human interactions, they tend to learn from your customers as they interact with them and know the best medium to relate with them.

5. AI Enables You To Answer Customer’s Questions Faster

Customers want answers faster. To be extraordinary and win your customers against your competitors, you need to offer a fast and reliable service to your competitors.

To meet the high demand consumers are placing on brands, various brands are using robotics to help customers solve their problems faster.

For instance, brands like Hilton are using AI as part of their major customer experience in Hilton McLean Virginia, USA. They partnered with IBM using Connie, the first Watson-enabled robot concierge to assist guests with any information needed about the hotel and the environment.

Connie, the robot, offers customers faster access to personal information through cognitive reasoning in a friendly way. 

6. AI Enhances Business Operations

AI assists businesses to simplify their processes and operations, decrease costs and offer top-notch customer service. AI can manage the customer’s query and can offer real-time solutions to the customers.

With the promotion of AI, lots of businesses are incorporating automation into their operations which fastens repetitive tasks and customer service agents can pay attention to more complicated tasks and this results in better customer engagement.

7. Reduces Operating Costs

Artificial Intelligence simplifies business functions and operations and enhances efficiency and productivity which leads to an increased profit over time. AI can manage large workflows. And, this leads to more conversions and generates more revenue. AI handles cost in the most effective way while still producing quality output.

Incorporating automation in business operations decreases the chance of errors and also increases security. Any business needs to automate their processes which will decrease operational costs and will lead you to your success.


Lots of people think that AI is set to replace humans in the nearest future. 

Well, AI won’t replace humans. AI is developed to assists people with what they are striving with. People are worried that automation has replaced 800,000 workers, it provided 3.5 million jobs.

AI is still growing, so hopefully in the future things would get better. AI isn’t a threat, but rather a complement to human inadequacies. Incorporating AI into your customer service is an efficient way to provide a memorable customer service experience. 

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