As the biggest smartphones tech event, MWC 2017 is coming closer to happen, all the tech new news are always related to MWC and the only hot topic is MWC 2017.  We all are waiting wait new smartphone and apps and technologies are going to launch in it. So many smartphones brands going to show off their new products from all over the world.

Oppo smartphones

Oppo is the Chinese brand which is hardware maker. This company is well known for their camera of the phone. If you like photography then you will like the phone. In MWC 2017, oppo once again is playing its card. The company has released some clips and teaser that it will introduce its new ‘5x’ phone technology for photography and will launch the phone.  Oppo executives explained that the new ‘5x’ will have remarkable photography technology and it capture every detail of the picture with high quality.

Samsung logo building e1466158246249 Oppo, Samsung, And LG Trends In MWC 2017
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Samsung Products

Samsung is not bringing the Galaxy S8 to Mobile World Congress, but that doesn’t mean, it is not participating in the giant mobile show. The expected device the company gonna present is its Tab S#. In 2015 Tab S2 was released Now, Tab S3 with a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM, and a 9.6-inch, 2048×1536 display will be released in MWC 2017. According to rumors it will be the first android 7.0 tablet with split screen

LG Devices

IN MWC 2017, the shining star of LG’s will be the new LG G6 flagship smartphone which is already leaked. According to the given information, if it is correct, it seems like LG is replacing the modular design of previous LG phone G5 and making a sleek design with small bezels. It may have a 5.7in display with18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio and square proportion.

The mystery of how the LG G6 released on the web
samsung header Oppo, Samsung, And LG Trends In MWC 2017
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This in not the all, MWC 2017 will bring much more surprises. many brands will come back with their blast. Nokia,  Sony, ZTE, Apple and some Chinese company will present different technologies and for viewers, it is the great chance to learn a lot about Smartphone tech. This is the show for mobile geeks.