If you are internet lover and spend a lot of time on YouTube in search of new streaming videos. In search of different videos, it is possible you open a lot of tabs in your browser, this will reduce the speed of your browser. Also, it will not easy to keep the track. But there is always the solution of everything. Here we will talk about TuberLister which is an extension of YouTube in Google Chrome.

YouTube auto Pause and Resume How To Work With TuberLister To Make Playlist Without Signing In
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TuberLister is the tool by which you can make a playlist with your favorite or informative videos which you opened before. For this, you have to install TuberLister and then use YouTube. With the help of this, you can make the playlist without getting signed in.

Working Of TuberLister

Open the video which you needed to add to a single playlist. There is no need to buffer them or start playing them. You don’t have to let them buffer or start playing. What you need to do is just open videos in their own respective tabs. You can open an infinite number of videos as according to your need.

Then, click on the TubeLister icon in your extension bar. This will close all the video tabs and You will see new tab opening. This tab will be the playlist tab and all the videos you have opened before will be included in this playlist.


You can give the title to the playlist by yourself. It will take the title by default.The playlist has a rather less lifespan. This is a major drawback of the extensions. But You can bookmark the link to the playlist and can open it again and again.

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By using this extension you can add videos to the same playlist one time only. You can not edit in the already exciting playlist, no matter you are signed in or not to YouTube. It will create the new playlist every time.