NotifyMusic is a new and free music application by gilshahar7 which is jailbreak tweak that comes with a banner notification option anytime when the currently playing music is change on the device or Apple music starts to play new music.  The banner is actually showing the common data about the songs, with the artist name, a name of the song, and even a small cover picture of the album artwork; it also gives you information that on what app the media is playing.

iphone 6 001 How To Use New Notify Music Application
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Music app in the iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 received a lot of criticism due to the interface and working with it which is very complicated and difficult. But Apple has taken these customer views on heart seriously and made and whole new design for the music application. Now the app has been easier and has clearer navigation. When you open the app then the first tab is your own personal Library, in which there are the lists of all the music that you whether downloaded or added from the Apple music data. Tap on the icon of the big “Playlists item” to have a look on your playlists. If you want to find music according to the Artists, Tap the Artists button and then you can see your music filtered with respect to the singer, and so on. In this music application Albums are now displayed with the bigger artwork and bigger touch buttons. They are two per row. A button list of the button can be customized from you using Edit button.

Prettier banners How To Use New Notify Music Application
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Apple has removed the dynamic tinting and translucency effects in this new app and now everything is in black, white and pink color. Controls of transfer, volume, AirPlay, song progress, and labels. are visible. You can tap the Album name to directly jump to that album in the app. slide the other way and use Shuffle, Repeat, and Up Next options. Music application interface is slightly hidden but still, it is a lot clearer than the previous iOS 9 which behind modal views is hidden.

Save up to $20, Apple Music app is offering an option to subscribe for $99 annually directly from the app