New unlocking hack arrives for Windows users as Windows 10 devices can now be unlocked using a Samsung device. The recent update to Samsung’s Flow app can be downloaded from the Google’s Play Store. The app now supports unlocking Windows 10 devices using the operating system’s inbuilt Windows Hello feature.

Windows Hello

WINDOWS+HELLO Unlock your Windows 10 PC using Samsung Flow app
The Windows Hello feature basically provides you a secondary method for signing into your Windows 10 device. You can choose between the two security features:

  1. Face Scanning
  2. Finger Scanning

This eradicates the need of entering those long passwords but following are the 4 pre-requisites for setting up this feature:

  1. Your Samsung device must have an inbuilt fingerprint scanner
  2. The device must have Android Marshmallow or later OS running with Samsung Flow app installed in it
  3. A PC with Windows 10 having compatibility with Windows Hello and has Samsung Flow app installed from the Windows Store
  4. Creators Update needs to be installed in the PC

How To Unlock The Windows 10 PC

samsung galaxy phones to unlock any windows 10 pc with fingerprint sensor 513144 2 Unlock your Windows 10 PC using Samsung Flow app

Once you have all the aforementioned things with you, follow this method and you’ll be able to unlock your PC.

  • Pair your PC with the Samsung device using Bluetooth
  • Head to the Windows Hello page and click on ‘Register Device’. Here confirm using the passcode
  • Enter your PIN here and your device will be unlocked with the help of your fingerprint scanner

P.S: You have to register your fingerprint on your Samsung device

Don’t Know Whether Your PC is Compatible with Windows Hello?

If you are among those who don’t even know if their PC is compatible with Windows Hello or not, here’s how you can check:

  • Head to ‘Accounts’ and click ‘Sign-in options’ present at the left-hand panel
  • If you see a ‘Windows Hello’ subheader here, your device is supported. If not, you are unlucky.
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