If you are also one of those who fell prey to the vicious Autocorrect and had many of the embarrassing moments, you definitely need to turn off the Autocorrect feature in your iPhone or iPad. Seriously, we have seen tons of incidents where people intend to get to their seniors or even mom or dad and Aarrghh! the auto-correct typos jump in and your life is totally screwed.
Besides! autocorrect can be pretty annoying sometimes when they act like an over reactive girlfriend which wants to dictate your life all the time. For example this!

pic 40 Auto correct typos: How to deal with them the correct way!

How To Turn Off Autocorrect

You don’t really come to know the adverse effects of Auto-correct until you start typing a text message and it takes over the scene by giving weird suggestions and you don’t even read it before sending and the next thing you feel is that you are screwed up pretty much. Follow these steps to turn off your Autocorrect and you’ll no longer face the embarrassing situation.

  • Head to Settings and click General > Keyboard
  • Turn off the Auto-Correction toggle

That’s not all. In most of the cases when you see your keyboard correcting a word it;s because the dictionary in your device saved them as it is because of your own typos. To erase the memory of your dictionary and to bring it back to the default position, follow these steps.

  • Head to Settings > General > Reset
  • Tap the ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary’ and enter the password of your device when asked

As a recommendation, you can try out the Gboard from Google or the Swiftkey keyboard which are far better than the stock Apple keyboard.

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