Google Pixel access Android 7.1, and that is very special. There are many other features and icons — for good and worse. If you are using a new phone then you have to look at some new features of its app from your phone.

its very easy to take a screen short from your google pixel.

Screen short from Google pixel

  1. Hold the power button top or left side of your phone.
  2. Then press the volume down button with power button
  3. And release power button and volume down button at a same time.

If you do the same process then you’ll see the short screen short you took from your mobile and you’ll get the notification as well.

How to see your screen short

  1. Scroll down the notification from top of your shaded notification list
  2. Touch the screenshot in your notification list
  3. Now touch share if you want to or delete it, take action what you want.
%name Take A Screenshot On The Google Pixel
Image source: see your screen shorts

How to see all screenshots

  1. Open the google photo from home screen.
  2. Touch the menu button top left side of the screen.
  3. Touch the device folder.
  4. Touch the screenshot folder
  5. Then access to the screenshots and share it with your loved once.
%name Take A Screenshot On The Google Pixel
Image source: Screenshot folder


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